Specialized investment firm
based in Barcelona 

with a long-term 
investment strategy


With various successful exits in our back, some of our portfolio companies have been integrated in major venture capital firms, some got acquired by IBEX35 companies and others consolidate the offering of larger companies with disruptive business models.


In the field of Real State, our objective is to offer “uniqueness” via styling products that add value to our client. Either for sale or for rent, our aim is to deliver an outstanding client experience.


Our interests are mainly focused on Europe and LATAM. We are rapidly expanding towards other geographies.

David Rodríguez Gabaldón


David Rodríguez Gabaldón
With an initial  background in International Banks and top Strategy Consulting Firms, I developed a passion for entrepreneurship founding various companies that range from consulting, IT related start-ups, digital talent and climate change.

GUX Corporate Investments is the hub where I manage all my business interests, a company that requires all my commitment and drive to achieve the best results. Sharing a dream with the right team is the key to our success.
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